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It always leads towards the East, from Moscow through Syberia, over the Ural Mountains into the expanse of Mongolia.

Destination after more than 4347 miles is the capital of Mongolia – Ulaanbaatar.

In 14 daily stages through difficult terrain the participants can demonstrate their abilities with their vehicles.

In the special stages, which extend over hundreds of miles, amateurs and professionals will push the envelope. Not only do the participants need the ability to assess the terrain correctly during river and swamp crossings, but the right tactic is also in demand. The key to success at the Transsyberia Rally is not speed.

All vehicles have to exhibit series-production standard. Only the technical changes approved in the regulations are permitted.

“We don’t want a technical arms race, and no teams which compete with budgets in the Millions.“, so Richard Schalber.

In the end the all-round experts win who meet the challenge with series-production vehicles.

On the left side there are links to the live tracking and roadmap.


Sony Ericsson, partner of this year’s Transsyberia Rally powered by Sony Ericsson, will be sending its new outdoor C702 Cyber-shot cell phone on the 4,349 mile long off-road adventure from Moscow through the Siberian expanses into the depths of Mongolia.

Due to its specific characteristics, like the GPS, as well as the dust and splash water guard, this active cell phone is predestined for the challenges the participants are faced with from July 11th – 25th, 2008.

At the Geo-Tagging Site you are able to look at the pictures, the teams and staff took at the previous day.