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Sony Ericsson, partner of this year’s Transsyberia Rally powered by Sony Ericsson, will be sending its new outdoor C702 Cyber-shot cell phone on the 4,349 mile long off-road adventure from Moscow through the Siberian expanses into the depths of Mongolia.

Due to its specific characteristics, like the GPS, as well as the dust and splash water guard, this active cell phone is predestined for the challenges the participants are faced with from July 11th – 25th, 2008.

Via the Mobile Portal, the teams will report firsthand about the events in a rally blog with their C702, as well as capturing their personal experiences and the unique landscape in great pictures.

The images will be connected to geographical information via Geo-Tagging.

Sony Ericsson also offers appropriate accessoiries consistent with the C702, like auto battery charger leads and Bluetooth Handsfree Kits for safe driving, as well as portable loudspeakers for the musical entertainment during the next breakpoint.

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Awards founded by Vogard
The only watch in the world to change time zones via the bezel

The Transsyberia Rally is one of few events happening in several time zones. VOGARD will donate two watches as main prize worth Euro 14’000. For this purpose VOGARD has crafted a special model which will be heavily tested during the Rally. It features an anti-vibration system and has the cities of MOSCOW and of ULANBATOR engraved on the bezel.

VOGARD has created a revolutionary, patented watch complication which allows a change of time zones by rotating the bezel. The VOGARD Timezoner® system also is the first ever to allow, at a turn of the bezel, for the indication of Daylight Saving Time (summer time) in a given location.

This complication is exclusively engineered and manufactured by VOGARD. All timepieces are assembled in own ateliers in Nidau, Switzerland.

The watch collection features models in steel or 18 karat gold retailing in a range between Euro 5’000 to 25’000. The brand is distributed through selected high-quality jewelers at prestigious resorts and in major cities.

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