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pre Transsyberia

August 12th 2007 9th stage Oelgy - Mankhan

Numerous losses during 9th stage

For numerous participants the 9th stage ended at the end of a tow rope. During the 65.8 miles long evaluation test in Mongolia, several cars got stuck in the swamp or had to be towed due to damage to the oil cooling system. Lots of drivers of the Porschecamp complained about multiple tire breakdowns.

„With these tires you can go for a ride in an English park, but not compete in a rally in Mongolia", grumbled the leader in the allround evaluation, Armin Schwarz. After his second spare tire also burst, Schwarz crossed the finish-line on a demolished wheel rim. Before that, the former European Rally Champion and his co-driver Oliver Hilger had lost their way in the terrain. "I couldn't see a street or a path for the last 25 miles", said Schwarz.

Some of the other teams also lost several tires on the Mongolian gravel & rock tracks: The Japanese Yoshifumi Ogawa and Hirohisa Kaneko had to employ the car jack repeatedly, as did the Canadian crew Kees Nierop and Laurance Yap."We will have to analyze the cause this evening", said Juergen Kern, team manager of the Porsche Cayenne fleet. Yesterday Kern had connected the tire problems with the pilot's driving mistakes.

The British team Meaden/Hopkinson profited very differently from their spare tire. After the Porsche Cayenne crew got stuck in the swamp up to their side window for two hours, they buried the spare tire in order to attach the rope winch. Other teams weren't able to free themselves on their own accord. The second placed Polish Jarek Sliwka and Andrzej Bryl, the team Germany 2 with Oliver Hille and Thomas Riethmueller (both teams in a Porsche Cayenne Transsyberia), as well as the Spanish crew Jose Luis Aguilar Cortes and Jose Luis Aguilar Jimenez in a Mercedes 250 GD had to be towed free by a rescue vehicle.

An additional four Porsche Cayenne Transsyberia are unmaneuverable and are currently being towed or loaded onto transporters. While rescuing another vehicle Juergen Kern's frontdifferential busted, and for Carles Celma, Oleg Kesselman and Richard Meaden the oil tub or cooling system is damaged. The organizers will announce the sporting final results in the evening.

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August 12th, 2007 9th stage Oelgy - Mankhan

The first special test on Mongolian soil is on the way

Rocky tracks, river crossings, deep sand. Today seriousness will set in for the 33 teams of the Transsyberia Rally 2007. On the 9th stage of a total of 14 stages, the participants will cross part of the Altai Mountains. There are a total of 273 miles ahead of the drivers until they reach this stage's destination, Mankhan. For the first time in days there will be a special test today. Armin Schwarz and Oliver Hilger in a Porsche Cayenne Transsyberia will have to defend their lead in the overall evaluation on the 66 mile long segment.