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Transsyberia Rally – the challenge continues in 2010

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The second edition of the “Transsyberia Rally 2008 powered by Sony Ericsson“ ended on July 25th, 2008. In many areas, we were able to better ourselves considerably in comparison to the previous year, so the sport manager Richard Schalber. The preparations for the next rally are already underway. We’ve planned new routes and, in addition, we want to motivate more automobile manufacturers to participate.

The economic developments and the international financial crisis are however taking their toll.

“At this point in time it’s unrealistic to think that we’ll be able to commit additional, financially strong partners, as well as an interesting and larger number of participants for the Transsyberia Rally in 2009“, Schalber views the developments towards year-end. “We’ll focus on 2010 and then start the Transsyberia with even more power.“

Transsyberia 2008 powered by Sony Ericsson - Final day

Where does Armin Schwarz gas up his Porsche Cayenne? What does it look like in the cockpit of Team USA? What does Lars Kern have for breakfast? The C702 Cyber-shot TM cell phone from Sony Ericsson brings you very close to the events of the Transsyberia Rally 2008 powered by Sony Ericsson. All the teams are equipped with a C702 Outdoor cell phone and are recording their impressions and the daily highlights in pictures.